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Recipes 1.0

Delicious Recipes makes it easier to collect and organize your recipes. We are very excited!

We are happy to announce our new recipe management app Delicious Recipes. The approval took only three days and we are as excited as you that it went so smooth and fast! Delicious Recipes is our second app in the Mac App Store that enhances your daily life with your Mac. There are already great features in version 1.0 and we will enhance them in future releases:

  • Easy to Use
  • Very Fast Entry of Your Recipes
  • Gorgeous Full Screen Cook View
  • Outstanding Email Template
  • Optimized Printing
  • Intuitive Drag & Drop
  • HTML & RTFD export

Delicious Recipes is only $8.99 and exclusively available on the Mac App Store. You can find more a detailed description at the Delicious Recipes product page.

We will also give away Delicious Recipes promo codes today on Twitter. Just follow @juicycocktail on Twitter to grab our fresh and tasty recipe app.

We are currently on Easter vacation and will return at the end of next week. Until then we will answer your emails during 72h, instead of the usual 48h. We didn’t want to withhold Delicious Recipes until next week, because it fits perfectly to Easter.

We wish you great cooking with Delicious Recipes and your favorite meals during the upcoming holiday season.