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Organize & share
your deliciousness.

Start Cooking Great Meals.

Delicious Recipes is a beautiful and intuitive recipe app for OS X. Collect your best recipes, tame your paper chaos and unsorted bookmarks. Sort your recipes and retrieve them easily. With Delicious Recipes you will finally enjoy cooking and sharing great meals.

Customize Everything.

Manage your recipes the way you want. Delicious Recipes makes it easy. Create your own recipe boxes, control every aspect of your recipes like the amount of calories, the cuisine, difficulty and more. Rate your recipes with just one click. Customize every recipe and be The Chef in your kitchen.

Quickly Add
New Recipes.

Forget about clunky tables with ingredients and directions. Start a new way of managing your recipes. Use copy & paste or write everything down in one go. Repetitive things like cuisine, yield and time are already set up and ready to use. Quickly change your font to highlight extraordinary ingredients and underline essential instructions. Just spend more time cooking.

Cook in Your Kitchen.

With one click you see the most important parts of your recipe. The gorgeous full-screen view uses every inch of your display and assists you in the kitchen. Increase the font size and place your laptop wherever it feels comfortable. Easily see everything at a glance when you cook.

Smart Search.

Use the iTunes-like search to find your recipes. You can either search everything or make your search more specific. Search helps you find recipes even if you’re not sure what you’re looking for.

Easy Printing.

Print your recipes and take them with you in your kitchen or create your own cook book. With just a few clicks, you can go from viewing something on the screen to holding a printed copy in your hands.

Pretty Sharing.

Send emails with a terrific template. Share your culinary masterpieces and let others enjoy your recipes. You are only one click away from a beautifully designed, professional-quality recipe.

Drag & Drop.

Add pictures with easy drag & drop. Drag them from the Finder or directly from your favorite recipes website. Select ingredients and directions and drop them onto your recipe.

Fast Export.

We don’t like if you feel locked in. That’s the reason why save your database in a standard-based SQLite format and let you export all of your recipes in the most compatible HTML, RTFD or PDF formats.

Good Citizen.

Delicious Recipes integrates perfectly into OS X. Check your spelling and grammar while you type. Your recipes get saved every two minutes. You’ll never lose hours of your time again.