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Limits 1.2 Available
On The App Store

Limits gets a brand new icon, a graphical overview and a lot of other significant improvements.

A couple of days ago we announced that there will be an update for Limits and today the update hit the App Store. We are very excited that the app finally got a graphical overview. You can use it to better track and analyze your data and distinct data points. Another change is the new icon that better emphasizes on the functionality of Limits. It also looks a lot better than the old one.

We’ve also improved the legibility at several places and it’s possible to delete items in the history.

Read more for the full release notes:

  • Added shiny new icon.
  • Graphical overview with the ability to track the maximum goal.
  • Data points in the history can be deleted by swiping on a row. The data point value will be subtracted from the current data value.
  • Version 1.2 requires at least iOS 4.0.
  • History view is more compact now and has fancy dynamic row heights, so that everything got a little bit clearer.
  • Re-added blue bars. You can find a detailed description about the different colors on our support pages.
  • Title no longer overlaps with the due date if it is too long.
  • Due date is now in the correct localized format everywhere.
  • You can now take a look at your history or the graph when there are less than tree history data points for the current entry

Limits is available on the App Store. You can find more details on the Limits product site.