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Edwin 3.0 Beta With
Helluva Changes

A complete rewrite of Edwin hits the first public beta. It’s easier to use and has better filters & frames.

It has been more than one year since the last Edwin update. Finally I want to tell you that we are working on a new version of Edwin, which is currently in a late alpha version. I’m very excited about the changes.

Edwin 2 has collected some dust (please keep in mind that all users who bought or will buy the current version will receive a free update to Edwin 3). We wanted to improve all of the shortcomings of the old version and make it a better citizen on newer devices. Here are a couple of changes that we’ve already implemented or plan to implement in the final release of Edwin 3:

  • Support for full resolution images on the iPhone 4: A lot of people want to print out there photos and the iPhone 4 finally gives us the computing power to support higher resolutions.
  • Reduced user interface complexity: During our usage we discovered that the whole interface got in the way and was rather counterintuitive. We wanted a very simple interface with access to all functionality. One important requirement was to capture a photo as fast as possible. That’s the reason why we focus on one central interface in the new version.
  • Speed enhancements: I have to be honest here and admit that the prior image calculation wasn’t optimal and way too slow. Every time a new frame or filter was selected Edwin recalculated it in the background and displayed the already processed image. In the new version you will see an instant preview and the calculation gets postponed until you actually do something with the image (share, save, …)
  • More filters and frames: there can never be enough.
  • Better Twitter / e-mail integration and new Facebook support.

There are plenty of new photography apps in the App Store, but I think that we have some major advantages compared to our competition. Instagram is focused on the sharing aspect. You only get square images, you do not really own your images. We think that their whole concept is focused more on casual photography. In Edwin you own your images, we support full resolutions and do not crop your images. You have several possibilities to store and share them. We also have improved frames and filters. On the other end are apps like Camera+ that are more complicated and give you too many choices. We like to have a very simple interface that gives you enough power and of course great processed pictures. I think that the quality of filters and frames is also one of our biggest strengths.

If you are interested in testing the new version, please send us an email (via our contact form) with your current device ID (there is an free app called UDIDit). Any feedback is highly appreciated.

If you “Parlez-vous français?” there is even an article in your favorite language. If you are French and interested in iPhoneography I highly recommend this blog. Thank you Yann!