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The Future of
Juicy Cocktail

We shift the focus to development on our own applications. Exciting things are coming soon.

It has been a long time since the last update on our site. It’s been more than a year in fact. We are not dead—quite the opposite—but we feel that we owe you an explanation. 2010 was a very busy year for us. We did a lot of contracting work for fellow developers and some bigger companies and released updates for our iOS apps. We even had two major updates and one new application. That was a lot of work and we lost focus on our products.

What does all of this mean for the future of Juicy Cocktail, our products and most importantly, you?

With the beginning of 2011 we completely abandoned contracting work and started to focus solely on Juicy Cocktail. We think that you as our customer and user deserve our entire attention and the best products we can deliver working full time on them. The first step is our new Mac OS X application Memories that will be released in the next couple of hours and be available on the Mac App Store.

There will be another change. Our current apps Gebühren and Glücksfee focus on the German market. We will expand to new markets and try to reach all English speaking users. That doesn’t mean that we will leave behind our German users, we just have more time to work on all of our products and maintain several languages.

So what’s next on our timeline? We will release a completely updated, and improved version of our photography app Edwin. We worked for a couple of months on the new release, overhauled the whole user interface and image algorithms. We are quite happy with our progress so far. The only things we have to do are some bug fixes and a beta period. The release is planned for late 2011. We’ve also worked on a new web site that will present all of our products, not only some of them, and will be updated soon. The new design will be a lot cleaner and more modern. This will not only give you a better overview of our current and future work, but also give us the possibility to lessen the burden on web site maintenance and add new updates way quicker than in the past.

We are quite excited about this year and what it will mean for Juicy Cocktail. My wife and I hope that you’re also as excited as we are.