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Delicious Recipes Help

Why are there no recipes when I start the app for the first time?

We didn’t and won’t add recipes in the future, because Delicious Recipes is for collecting your own recipes. My wife and I discover a lot of new recipes daily, but they vary in quality and everybody’s taste is different. That’s the reason why we truly believe that everyone should have his own recipe collection and share the best ones via the built-in email functionality.

How can I add new recipes?

Delicious Recipes supports recipe collections that are like a box that holds you recipes. Each collection can hold an unlimited amount of recipes. Follow these steps to add and edit recipes:

  1. Press on the plus button in the lower left corner of the main window to add a category. (Optional: You can also edit the category name by double-clicking on the name)
  2. Press on the new category and the plus button in the upper left corner of the window (New Recipe). A new recipe should appear in the upper right table view of the window.
  3. Select the desired recipe and press the edit button (pen) in the lower right corner to edit your recipe.
Is there a way to share the same recipe database amongst different users on my Mac?

No, the only way to share your recipes is by sending an email or exporting the current recipe and sharing the exported RTFD file.

Is there an iOS (iPhone / iPad) version of Delicious Recipes?

No, there is no mobile version of Delicious Recipes at the moment. We recommend to use the one-click email function to share recipes if you want to use your iOS device in the kitchen. You can also take your laptop and work with the full-screen view in the kitchen.

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Send us a message if you still have other problems, questions, or suggestions on improving Delicious Recipes. We’ll usually respond within 48 hours. Please give us this time, we get lots of email.