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Edwin Help

How does Edwin work and why does it improve my pictures?

Please take a look at Edwin’s product page to get an overview of its functionality. Read on, if you want to know about some details.

Edwin improves pictures made with your iPhone, iPod touch or iPad camera by tweaking the pixels of your image. We use a complex mix of sophisticated algorithms, like computing layers or source-based adaptive image manipulation to finally merge everything into one polished and gorgeous looking final result.

We not only focused on the best possible visual outcome, but also on speed. Even the newest mobile iOS devices are pretty slow compared to a Mac. We made all possible tweaks to improve the user experience and to make better pictures on iOS more fun.

Where can I find example pictures?

All images on Edwin’s product page were taken and improved directly in the app. If you want to see even more pictures, please follow Edwin’s Twitter account.

Why do you call an app Edwin?

In 1929 a great man and inventor named Edwin H. Land patented the precursor of the well-known Polaroid instant camera.

Contact us Via Email

Send us a message if you still have other problems, questions, or suggestions on improving Edwin. We’ll usually respond within 48 hours. Please give us this time, we get lots of email.